Mission statement

From the very beginning, our mission is to provide our customers with:                




products, satisfying all desires in the field of interior design.  



Who are we?

Mio Decor is a leading manufacturer of internal electrical blinds in Central and Eastern Europe.
Our products are delivered to hundreds of customers in continental Europe and Asia.


What was the key to success?

The most important aspect of business is to understand the needs of our customers. This is a driving force for the company.
Starting production was the first step towards new quality. Select products became available virtually from day to day.
The constant focus on the development caused that today we can offer a complete range of internal blinds along with a number of additional services, from the measuring and counselling in choosing textiles, up to professional installation.


Where production is held?

Manufacturing plant with an area of nearly 2 500m2 
is located in Zielonka near Bydgoszcz.


To whom the offer is addressed?

- design stores
- decoration studios
- developers
- hotels
- window frames manufacturers
- intelligent building system and audio equipment installers
- electric warehouses
- architects


Our partners:


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Mio Decor Michał Okręglicki S.K.
ul. Ostródzka dz. 22/85
85-145 Bydgoszcz