Popularization of smart homes opened a customer on the benefits of automation curtains and internal blinds.



Ecology and energy saving


The connection of window blinds with sun and temperature sensors allows for automatic start-up of scenarios. On a sunny, warm day the curtains will close, which will reduce the heating of the room and thus reduce the costs of air conditioning.







When you think about home, you think about security. To keep them, we install alarms and anti-burglar blinds. However, simulation of the presence of household members is of fundamental importance for protection against burglary. The popularity of lighting control and roller blinds no longer fulfills this function. The solution is to automate curtains, blinds and shutters, because which thief expects an automatically controlled curtain?

Prestige - highlight your interior!


Internal blinds controlled from the remote control or smartphone? The curtain closing itself after a slight move? Highlight your interior with our products.




Blinds mounted at a high altitude, large-sized or a large number of systems in one room are situations when manual control is difficult . Even the child and the person having difficulties with new technologies will handle the electric shields. Just press one button to let the light into the room.

Better sleep


Many of us have trouble sleeping. The use of blackout curtains will help you fall asleep, and the time control function will make the curtains in the bedroom open with the sound of the alarm clock.
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Do you want to feel full control, even when you are out?

Manage the blinds using your smartphone.


You can also use chronis function (timer) or sunis function (solar timer).


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